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 Cake Pickup Times:
Noon - 5pm weekdays

Noon- 4pm Saturdays

If you are unable to make it between these hours, contact me and we can work something out.

Graduation Special:
2 Tiered Centerpiece cake  ~
6" and 8" Tiered butter cream frosting cake - $50
fondant frosting - $75

Always Remember:
Heat, Humidity, and Sunlight raise havoc on cake products.
Colors will fade, bleed, and frosting will melt.

Refrigerate within a couple days, Keep in the freezer if it will be more than a few days, then refridgerate a day or so before the event, so  the frosting doesn't sweat and colors do not run.

Malane's is not responsible for any damage to cake products after delivery and customer pickup.
Customer is responsible for providing an appropriate and secure enviroment for the product,
Optimal cool & dry room temperature below 72 degrees.
Cake Product Pricing 
ordering timelines, sizes, etc.

6" round single layer (baby smoosh cake)                       $8.00
6" round double layer (baby smoosh cake)                    $12.00
8" round double layer  serves 24                                  $25.00
10"  round and up                                        $1.75 per serving
filled or cream cheese frosting extra charge          $5.00 - $15.00

Sheet cakes

1/4 sheet cake low                                                      $25.00
1/4 sheet cake medium                                               $30.00
1/4 sheet high                                                            $35.00
filled or cream cheese frosting extra charge                     $5.00

1/2 sheet low                                                           $40.00
1/2 sheet medium                                                     $45.00
1/2 sheet high                                                          $50.00
filled or cream cheese frosting extra charge                 $10.00

Full sheet low                                                              $65.00
Full sheet medium                                                       $70.00
Full sheet high                                                             $78.00
filled or cream cheese frosting extra charge                   $15.00

low - pieced out / writing / simple picture
medium - toys, special decorations
high - extreme decorating/wedding/anniversary items/decorations

Servings: 2"x2
1/4 sheet    9"x13"                  serves 24
1/2 sheet    13"x18"                serves 48
Full sheet    18"x26"                serves 96

For orders that need a licensed design-(toy toppers, etc.) please order in advance to allow for shipping time of the items. 2-3 weeks These are an extra charge.

Cookie/Brownie Pizzas  serves 20-24                              $15.00
10" x 3" Cheese cake serves 20-24                                 $50.00
 Large cupcake serves 24                                               $30.00

Fancy, Cutout and 3-D cakes start at $2.25 per serving

Cream Cheese Mints

First 100                 $25.00
each 100 after          $20.00 


Frosted with sprinkles, picks, rings, etc.             $15.00 per dozen
Special frosting decorations  or filled                   $22.00 per dozen 
Fondant/special decorations or cream cheese frosting 
and yummy fillings or fruit                                $28.00 per dozen
Weddings/ Anniversaries/ Large Events

Due to some health problems I am not taking orders for large events at this time.

Butter cream frosting                                    $1.75 per serving
with fruit fillings, etc.                                    $2.00 per serving
Fondant frosting                                           $2.75 per serving
with fruit fillings etc.                                     $3.00 per serving

Individual Cake Table Centerpieces

Butter cream frosting                                     $2.00 per serving
Fondant frosting                                           $3.00 per serving
fruit, fillings, etc. extra charge                       $5.00 per cake

Special toppers/decorations are an extra charge...price depends on the item.
Setup   $25.00
Delivery is $.50 per mile to and from destination.
Delivery to Rosholt, New Effington and to DMC- no charge for large events: Weddings /Anniversaries.
Pick up only for all occasion cakes and small events.

Please place orders for large/special event occasions as far in advance as possible.
 6 - 12 months preferred.
An $85.00 non-refundable deposit is required to hold your date.
Full payment is due before the event date.
Cake plates, supports, and stands are to be returned within the week of the event.

Ordering All Occasion cakes, cupcakes, etc.

Order all occasion items 1 to 1  1/2 weeks before the event. 
This gives time to purchase special ingredients and decorations.
Last minute and rush orders will have an extra charge added.
No delivery for all occasion cakes...pick up only

Prices are subject to change due to raising costs of ingredients and other items.
All pricing includes packaging.

Price Example - tiered cake
popular wedding centerpiece size ordered: 6" and 8"
6" - double layer round - 8 - 10 servings = $20.00...8" - double layer round - 28 servings = $ 56.00
38 servings total - @ $2.00 per serving with buttercreme frosting
total for a 6" tier and 8" tier cake - 38 x $2.00 = $76.00
without tax and or delivery
Special decorations/ toppers - extra charge
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