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 My name is Malane and I grew up in a small south eastern town in ND, where I started crafting in the family home. I am an outdoor girl that has always enjoyed doing yard work, gardening, working with animals, photography and anything to do with nature. Music and nature are the biggest influences in creating items. Ever since I can remember, I've been creating handcrafted items, putting my heart and soul into each piece.  I am the artist behind all the Creations on Malane's. I have been crafting, sewing, drawing, painting and decorating cakes for over 30 years. 

In my early years I divided my time between creating and spending time working with my show dog and riding horse. In my teen years 4-H was a big part of my life. My very first job was working with my dad in the gravel pit pushing gravel with the big HD 15 dozer.
My husband and I live on a working farm, so I am proud to say all items are created "on the farm". This is my full-time job and spending time with our children and grandchildren couldn't make me happier.

My favorite mediums to work with include, all types of materials, yarns, paints, glass, florals and frostings. The feel of all the different materials and medium keep the wheels rolling for new and unique items. 

Decorating cakes is an art itself. Painting and drawing with colored frosting make cakes very personable and so much fun. It's actually very relaxing.
I enjoy creating recipes that are totally yummy.

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